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Privacy Policy

Updated: April.1.2019
Shuji Yamamura
HotaluX, Ltd.

Recognizing that the protection of personal information identifying its clients (hereafter referred to as "personal information", including "personal data" and "controlled personal data" as stipulated under the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan) is its social responsibility, HotaluX, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "HotaluX") promotes the implementation of the following procedures:

Privacy Policy

  1. HotaluX makes efforts to protect personal information through employee education and through the assignment of a person charged with protecting personal information at each of its relevant division.
  2. HotaluX makes efforts to implement, through the adoption of necessary and appropriate security measures, the security control of personal information handled by HotaluX, including protection from disclosure, loss or damages.
  3. HotaluX uses personal information only for purposes notified or announced by HotaluX or for purposes obvious under the circumstances of the acquisition except where a prior consent of the individual identified by such personal information is obtained or except where permitted by laws and regulations.
  4. HotaluX does not provide personal information to third parties other than its contractors or successors or assigns of related businesses of HotaluX, except where a prior consent of the individual identified by such personal information is obtained or except where permitted by laws and regulations.
  5. When providing personal data handled by HotaluX to third parties, HotaluX, except under special circumstances, makes efforts to protect, obligating the third parties through contract, the personal information from such risks as disclosure or further transmission from such third parties.
  6. HotaluX uses personal information only; (1) for the purpose of performing our responsibilities as related to contracts with our clients; (2) for contact, cooperation, negotiation, implementation of such contracts, and request fulfillment of obligations; (3) to conduct research and analysis for the development of better products and services; (4) to provide information for events such as exhibitions; (5) to provide product and service information and advertising; (6) and to inquire about contact details for sales and services.
  7. When asked for the confirmation or correction of HotaluX-controlled personal information, HotaluX responds to such requests to the external reasonable. Please contact the designated person or place for inquiries.
  8. HotaluX abides by the laws and regulations of Japan pertaining to the protection of personal information and continues to review and make efforts to improve this privacy policy.

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A) About Links to Website Other Than HotaluX

On our sites, there are some Websites links that direct the user to our affiliated companies' sites or third party sites for the convenience of the said user.
When switching to those sites, users leave our sites.
Some Websites linked to our sites may have an NEC mark (logo). However, HotaluX is not responsible for the contents of these sites, or for the protection of the said user's personal information on any Websites linked to our Websites.
Our privacy policy does not apply to Websites linked to our Websites.
Therefore, HotaluX recommends that visitors to Websites linked to our Websites read their own privacy policy before providing personal information.

B) Notice for these under 16 years of age;

If you are under the age of 16, please make sure that you provide us with your personal information only after obtaining parental consent.

C) Inquiry contact regarding personal information/contact for complaints

For personal information handling, please get in touch with the contacts described at the time of registration.
If you do not know whom to contact, please get in touch with the inquiry contact regarding personal information. HotaluX will respond after confirming the details.

D) Notice regarding this Website


On HotaluX's Websites, there are pages where a technology called "cookies" is used so that visitors may use the site more conveniently when they return to it.

"Cookies" is an industry standard technology by which a Web server identifies the computer of the visitor. While "Cookies" enables a Web server to identify the computer of a visitor, it cannot identify the visitor unless they input their personal information. Depending on the browser used, a visitor may change the settings to turn off "cookies" However, if the visitor does so, all or part of the services on the site may become unavailable.

Web beacons

On HotaluX's Websites, there are pages where a technology called "Web beacons" ("clear GIF") is used. The beacons help us to determine how many times a page has been viewed. Statistical data collected by Web beacons is generally used to improve HotaluX's Websites.

Statistical tools

On HotaluX's Websites, there are pages where a tool is generally used to perform statistical analyses of user behavior. Information collected by this statistical tool is generally used to improve HotaluX's Websites.

Explanation of terms

"Cookies" is a technology used to identify a computer that is browsing a Website through the Internet. "Cookies" is a small packet of information transmitted from a Web server to the user's computer, and may be stored as a file on the said user's hard disk. The purpose of this technology is to store, on the user's computer, information regarding the Web server.
By doing so, even when the visitor leaves the site, when the visitor returns to it, the Web server can identify the user's computer by reading "cookies" stored on the said user's computer.

Web beacons:
Web beacons usually work in conjunction with "cookies". These beacons may be placed as a graphical image on specific pages across a Website. They collect aggregate statistics on Website usage by monitoring certain types of information on the user's computer.

E) Inquiries

Your full understandings of our privacy policy is greatly important to us. If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch with Contact Us .

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