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December 8, 2006

This Website is operated by HotaluX, Ltd. ("HotaluX").

Please read the terms of use of this Website below, and only use this Website if you agree to these terms. Note that these conditions are subject to change. Please check here for the latest content.

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The term "this Website" refers to all directories and pages located on the following domain:


1. Copyrights

All documents on this Website are copyrighted by HotaluX or affiliates of HotaluX. You may only reproduce documents on this Website for non-commercial use within your organization. Note, however, that any duplicated documents must retain the copyright notice of HotaluX. Please also note that some information on this Website may have specific copyright notices that apply to the document(s) in question, which may limit the rights to use and reproduce the content provided above.

With the exception of the above, all rights to this property are reserved by HotaluX or third parties, based on the copyrights, patent rights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights of HotaluX or the third party. For example, no licenses are granted based on intellectual property rights relating to products, software, services or the like introduced or mentioned by any document on this Website.

2. Trademarks, etc.

Rights to all trademarks, emblems, logos, trade names, and the like of HotaluX and other companies used on this Website are protected by the Trademark Law, the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, the Commercial Law, and other laws. Their use without the authorization of their respective owners is prohibited.

3. Legal Disclaimers

HotaluX makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, for the materials presented on this Website ("the content"), including accuracy, freedom from error, or fitness for a particular purpose. HotaluX bears no liability for any damages arising from the use of the content.

HotaluX may temporarily or permanently halt the operation of this Website without notice. Also note that the documents on this Website are subject to change or removal without notice.

4. Products/Services and Eligible Countries

The information provided on this Website pertains to products and services offered in Japan. The products and services described on this Website can only be purchased, acquired, or used by residents of Japan. Note, however, that if separate eligible countries are listed for individual content, or links made to such content, that information has priority.

5. Export Control

If you export any technologies or software provided on this Website, or any products purchased hereby (including transporting outside Japan and disclosing to a non-resident in Japan), you must comply with the applicable provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law of Japan, the Export Administration Act of the United States, and other applicable laws.

6. Linking

Links to Websites Not Owned by HotaluX

Sites linked by this Website, and sites linking to this Website ("linked sites") are managed under the responsibility of their operators. You must use linked sites in accordance with the terms of use of those sites. HotaluX bears no liability for the content of linked sites, or for any damages arising from the use thereof.

Linking to this Website

Please refer to Linking for information about linking to this Website from your Website.

7. Governing Law and Legal Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, the use of this Website, and the interpretation and application of these terms of use, are governed by Japanese law. Unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for any disputes arising in relation to the use of this Website.

8. Questions Concerning this Website

Please direct any comments or inquiries about this Website to info_lt@dm.hotalux.com .

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